Elaine Asarch

Artist's Statement

“My work emerges from the energy of the physical landscape, going on to creating landscapes of the imagination. Art is not representational for me. It is the emotion that I like to convey. Like sand, our landscapes continue to change in the world. Erosion, rebuilding, and light peering through cracks, reflect existential anxiety and necessary optimism forming an unstable partnership much like walking on loose rock. Our priorities shift as we experience shifts in the world. Painting allows me to find balance with a visual language that expresses the tension between angst and hope.”

“During the last few years there has been an altered state of reality. Many of us have lived with isolation and concern for the health of our loved ones, It is my hope that we are moving towards new beginnings with optimism in these uncertain times. World events have changed all of us and many of us have a greater appreciation of what is important in our lives. My current work reflects the changing energy in both the inner and outer landscapes that exist and in finding harmony between them Painting gives me the balance to live creatively and more joyfully amidst the challenges and opportunities that are there for us to navigate.”


Elaine Asarch has been drawing and painting since her childhood in Des Moines, Iowa. She attended the University of Wisconsin and received her BA from the University of Iowa in Education with a minor in Art History. She continued her studies in the graduate school of anthropology at the University of Colorado in Denver with an interest in public space and its effect upon behavior. Elaine received an interior Design degree from Interior Design Internship in Denver and was a practicing designer and member of the American Society of Interior Designers for over 30 years. She has painted at the Art Students League in Denver for the past decade and now paints in her own studio. Asarch has participated in many solo and group solo exhibitions and her paintings are in collections throughout the United States.